A Flight Attendant On TikTok Is Going Viral For Her Hotel Hacks, And OMG

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How to check for bedbugs, what to do with that comforter, a warning about your luggage, and plenty of safety tips.

World, meet Kat Kamalani, a flight attendant who’s now going massively viral on TikTok for a video she made about how to stay safe in hotels.

A flight attendant’s job requires them to spend plenty of nights in hotels, and in a TikTok titled “Tips While Staying At A Hotel From A Flight Attendant,” Kat shared some pointers and hacks that all of us should know about:

First, there are safety precautions, like never saying your room number out loud in the lobby or hallways: “Just in case there’s anyone around, and you don’t want them knowing where you’re staying.”

“Always make sure there’s no one behind you when going into your room,” she continued. “And check if there’s anyone in the room — behind curtains, under bed, etc.”

And that deadbolt on the door? Kat says you should “always” use it.

Next, Kat moved onto a topic that probably none of us want to think about: bedbugs. She recommends thoroughly checking your bed for them by removing the sheets and inspecting the corner seams of the mattress, where the nasty lil’ bugs like to hide.

As for the bed’s comforter and decorative pillows? Kat says you should toss them to the side as soon as you get into the room: “They never wash those,” she explains.

And Kat had yet another tip for keeping your bed as clean as possible: Keep your luggage off of it.

“Never put your bag on the bed,” she says in the video. “It’s been through the airport, and it’s disgusting.”

And lastly, if the room doesn’t have a refrigerator, Kat suggests using the ice bucket to keep your groceries cold in a pinch: “If you don’t have a refrigerator, put your food in an ice bucket, and there you go.”

Since she uploaded her video to TikTok earlier this month, it’s gone super viral. It’s garnered 5.7 million views and over 1 million likes in just a few weeks.

“I really wanted to help my audience be safer, cleaner, and more comfortable when staying in hotel rooms. So I decided to make the video,” Kat told BuzzFeed. “I was shocked to see so many people don’t do any of this.”

And Kat described the experience of going viral as “shocking”:

I’m grateful to help other people and love everyone’s reaction. It’s been fun seeing everyone comments.

You can follow Kat’s flight attendant adventures on TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube. And be sure to check out her video of hotel hacks below:

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